Immigration Personal

We can help you navigate through the myriad of laws / regulations in what is arguably the fastest changing and most challenging area of law in today’s modern world.


Our national and international clientele receive expert advice from our multi-lingual team. We provide practical and comprehensive assistance, from making applications to challenging decisions before the Tribunal and the Courts. 


Our specialist areas include:


  • Applications for family members from both abroad and within the UK
  • Employment (Tier 2) Visas (for both employer and employee)
  • Human Rights and Discretionary Leave
  • EEA application for EEA nationals and their family members
  • Naturalisation and British passport applications
  • Long Residence
  • Student (Tier 4) applications
  • Judicial challenge before Tribunals and Courts
  • Bail, Removal/ Detention and Deportation
  • We also provide same day processing services for specific types of applications at the Home Office.


Douglass Simon Solicitors provides a full range of immigration services from advice and consultation to full representation at competitive rates. 


  • Entry Clearance

    If you wish to come to the UK to join a family member, or for a short visit, you may need to apply for an Entry Clearance Visa.  At Douglass Simon we have been preparing such applications for over two decades and have an exceptional success rate. 


    We offer a service of advising and checking all documentation, submitting the relevant application form online, arranging the appointment at the visa application centre abroad, making payments of the fees, completing additional forms and declarations and making representations to the British Embassy.  We are there for you every step of the journey. 

  • Spouse/Partner Visas

    We have a team of specialists dealing with spouse and partner visas.  Our Solicitors will advise you on the procedure and requirements and the options available to you.  The Immigration Rules require that a strict criterion is met where income of your sponsor and accommodation as well as your relationship will all be scrutinised. 


    Our expert solicitors have advised and acted on behalf of clients on many issues including where the income threshold of £18,600 is not met. We have challenged the Home Office and represented clients in the first-tier and Upper Tribunals. 

  • Student Visas

    Prospective students are required to satisfy the Points Based System in order to apply for a student visa.  There are two types of student categories; adult students covering those over 16 years of age and child students for those aged 4 to 17 years.  Under the Points Based System, applicant would need meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules and achieve 40 points. 


    We are able to assist in all aspect of the process including the initial entry, extensions and variation.  We can also provide advice on the general conditions of stay including the right to work in the UK.

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain

    Indefinite Leave to remain which is also known as Permanent Residence is for those individuals who intend to stay in the UK for the foreseeable future.  There are several different categories under the Immigration Rules where applicants meet the requirements for settlement in the UK. 


    The English language and life in the UK requirement must be met by the applicant as well as various other requirements.  We are experienced in all of these categories and can advise on the relevant documents, procedure and requirements.  We can assist you with your application from the beginning to the end.  

  • Human Rights and Discretionary

    We have successfully represented a large number of clients whose applications fall ‘outside’ the Immigrations Rules such as illegal entrants and overstayers.  We use a combination of expert knowledge, experience and careful interpretation of the Law to submit representations giving you the best possible chance of success. 


    We understand the sensitivity of these cases and we have represented clients over two decades with a differing facts and complications.  We have represented clients on Human Rights issues and have a high rate of success.

  • Naturalisation and Registration

    There are several ways to become a British Citizen. Some individuals are born as British Citizens and others would need to be registered but most commonly those who have settled in the UK and have resided here lawfully need to apply for Naturalisation.  Our team of experts can assist with all citizenship applications including Registration of a child under 18 years.

  • Detention, Removal and Bail

    If you have been detained, our expert Solicitors are able to assist you if you require bail or you are facing removal.  We understand that this is a very distressing time for you and your family and we ensure that your case is heard and all of the issues are properly considered.

  • Appeals and Judicial Review

    We at Douglass Simon have a wealth of experience in dealing with appeals and challenging the Home Office at the Tribunals, High Court and Court of Appeal.  We ensure that you are advised on the court procedure, you are given the best advice and representation and you succeed on the day of your hearing.