About Us

Our solicitors and staff are multicultural. We thrive and are proud of our diversity which is reflected in our clientele and our areas of expertise.


Our founder Ms Lira Simon Cabatbat has over 25 years legal experience. She specialises in all aspects of Immigration, Human Rights and Family law. Ms Cabatbat is renowned for her tenacious and frank advice; this is reflected in her success rate in Immigration Tribunals, Judicial Review and High Court cases. She has in-depth knowledge of Human Rights law and this has been widely acknowledged by the judiciary. Her media work includes television, and writing articles published in national and local news. Ms Cabatbat is a Resolution (Family law) panel member advising in Domestic Violence. She has a wealth of experience in family and matrimonial cases particularly those with international elements. Ms Cabatbat is fluent in Tagalog (Filipino language) and is familiar with the Philippine legal system.

Our niche practice belies our myriad of associations ranging from our complement of staff, consultants and barristers instructed according to their expertise. Our committed and experienced personnel include, amongst others:


Our associations include German lawyers and more recently we expanded our offices by establishing a presence in Taguig Metro Manila Philippines, close to the British Embassy, where we specialise in providing Immigration services for those considering entry to the United Kingdom. We have long standing relationships with highly qualified and experienced barristers with a proven track record of getting results.


In our twenty years of practice it has been our privilege to assist individuals and corporations. We are honoured to have reunited families, protected clients’ rights and liberties and helped businesses expand and prosper.



Late opening at our Richmond office:

Appointments are available outside the usual working hours at our Richmond office on Thursdays between 5 to 7pm. Please call us on 020 3375 0555 to book an appointment.



Fixed fee initial consultation:

We offer fixed fee consultations at our Richmond office. These consultations are by appointment only. Please call our Richmond office on 020 3375 0555.



Unbundled work:

We offer “unbundled” legal services for all aspects of both Employment and Family law. This allows you to “pay as you go” for each stage as it happens. Please call or email for further information.